How do I get real time data from Yahoo Finance? (2024)

How do I get real time data from Yahoo Finance?

Below the quote price on the summary page, you'll see the related exchange and whether the quote is real-time or delayed. If the quote is real-time, you'll see the current date and time listed beneath the price.

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Does Yahoo Finance show real time data?

Yahoo Finance provides real-time streaming quotes for many exchanges. Real-time data is available during an exchange's market hours, and in some cases during pre-market and post-market hours. However, not all markets will stream in real-time.

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Can I get data from Yahoo Finance?

Historical data can be downloaded as a CSV file to be used offline, which you can open with Excel or a similar program. If the data requested is beyond the range of historical prices available through Yahoo Finance, all available data within the range is displayed.

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Does Yahoo Finance provide minute data?

Please note: Yahoo Finance currently limits historical data downloads depending on the resolution of data required: Minute Data: 7 days. 2 Minute Data: 60 days. 5 Minute Data: 60 days.

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How accurate is data on Yahoo Finance?

Data Accuracy and Reliability

Yahoo Finance offers accurate and timely data on basic stock information like price, volume, market cap, earnings, dividends, basic ratios, analyst ratings and news. However, the data lacks depth and is not vetted for performance.

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Does Yahoo Finance have a free API?

Yahoo Finance API is a free financial data API that provides real-time stock quotes, historical data, and financial news for stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and indices.

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Does Yahoo Finance API still work?

The official Yahoo Finance API was shut down by Yahoo in 2017 due to widespread abuse against their terms of service.

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Is scraping Yahoo Finance allowed?

Yes, you can scrape yahoo finance. With any web scraping tool, you can choose any stocks from yahoo finance and extract the information you need.

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How do I get live data from Yahoo Finance to excel?

Yahoo Finance Copy Paste

Copy and pasting real-time data to Excel is very difficult if you are looking for accurate data. Your best bet is to open the Yahoo Finance website with the stock you are tracking and wait for the site to automatically update the data.

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Why won t Yahoo Finance let me download historical data?

This is most likely caused by licensing terms between Yahoo and the particular stock exchange or index provider. Unfortunately this currently (2023) applies to some of the most popular stock indices, including S&P500 (^GSPC) and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI).

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How far does Yahoo Finance data go back?

Additionally, a web resource for historic stock prices is Yahoo Finance (Stock Prices) - . Stock prices go back to the 1070s. Begin by doing a search using the ticker symbol, then choose "Historical Prices" from the blue bar on the left; choose daily, weekly, or monthly data.

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Does Yahoo Finance show after hours?

Other services, such as Yahoo Finance, will show the last trade made in the pre-market and after-hours markets. These services will usually cover all stocks, whether they trade on the NYSE, Nasdaq, or another exchange.

How do I get real time data from Yahoo Finance? (2024)
How do I get Yahoo API?

To get started with the API, you'll need to apply for access and an API Key. The process is simple and straightforward, once you complete the form at Apply for Access. Once we review your application, we'll provide you with access, so that you can create an application and take advantage of the Yahoo Native API.

Is there a better app than Yahoo Finance?

Top 10 alternatives to Yahoo Finance includes TensorCharts, MarketWatch, BitInfoCharts, Overcharts, Bloomberg, MultiCoinCharts, DXcharts, Trading4Pro, ChartNexus AND QuickChart. Analyze a range of top Charting Software that offer similar benefits at competitive prices.

Why is Yahoo Finance so good?

Yahoo Finance Plus delivers actionable insights so you can take your portfolio to the next level. Make smarter investments with exclusive data and analytics, discover new opportunities with independent research and daily investment ideas, and trade up with advanced tools and charts.

What is the alternative to Yahoo Finance API?

11 Best Alternative to Yahoo Finance APIs
  • FinancialModelingPrep (FMP) The FMP finance API is considered a fantastic alternative to yahoo finance. ...
  • Currencylayer API. ...
  • Tradier API. ...
  • MorningStar API. ...
  • EOD Historical Data. ...
  • World Trading Data. ...
  • Quandl API. ...
  • Intrinio.

When was Yahoo Finance API discontinued?

A: Yahoo Finance API was removed in 2017 following potential cost cutting by the Yahoo team. This made the API become discontinued.

How do I get live data from Yahoo Finance in Python?

  1. To retrieve financial data from Yahoo Finance, we first need to create an instance of the yfinance Ticker class, which represents a specific stock or other financial instrument.
  2. We can create a Ticker instance by passing a stock symbol to the yf.Ticker() constructor, like this: msft = yf.Ticker("MSFT")
Jul 18, 2023

How often does Yahoo Finance update?

How often is Yahoo Finance Plus data updated? Advanced charting, fair value and portfolio analytics data are updated in real time.

What is the API limit for Yahoo Finance?

Using the Public API (without authentication), you are limited to 2,000 requests per hour per IP (or up to a total of 48,000 requests a day).

Can you get sued for scraping data?

Some websites allow users/visitors to use their content. For those websites, you will not get sued if you scrape their data or content. Some websites mention it clearly that you can't use their contents for business purpose. In those cases, if you scrape their data/content & sell those data then you might get sued.

Can Google Sheets pull data from Yahoo Finance?

Step 1: Open a new or existing Google spreadsheet and select a cell where the imported Yahoo Finance data will be displayed. Step 2: Now use the IMPORTHTML formula. Url – the link to the Yahoo Finance web page. In our example, it's (AMZN is the stock symbol for Amazon).

Can you get banned for scraping?

But web scrapers often run into a problem: getting banned from websites. In most cases, it happens because the scrapers violated the website's terms of service (ToS) or generate so much traffic that they abuse the website's resources and prevent normal functioning.

How do I get real-time stock data?

There are several companies (including Market Data) that can supply live market data for stocks for US markets:
  1. Market Data API.
  2. Intrinio.
  3. Market Stack.
  4. Finnhub.
  5. Alphavantage.
  6. Polygon.
  7. Tiingo.
  8. IEX Cloud.
Jan 28, 2024

How do I get real-time data in Excel?

How to make an Excel real-time data spreadsheet
  1. Create a new table. The first step in using Excel's real-time data feature is to create a new table. ...
  2. Select specific cells. The cells in the table store the data within the spreadsheet. ...
  3. Click on the "Data" tab. ...
  4. Add a new column to receive the data.
Sep 22, 2023


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