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CORRALES POLICE DEPARTMENT2+ weeks agoAgencyCRIME AND SAFETY UPDATE Hello Everyone, Shortly after 7:00PM on Sun. 04/28 a resident reported hearing two gunshots in the area of Cinco Milagros and Price Lane. Please remember that it is illegal to discharge a weapon within the Village limits and don’t take a chance on incurring the criminal and civil liability which could result from striking a person, animal, or someone’s property with a stray projectile: On 04/29/24, A resident on Applewood Rd reported That sometime between 04/27-04/28 his vehicle 2001 Chevy 1500 Pickup NM Lic#BMTH60 was taken from his resident that was secured. On 05/04/24, at approximately 12:06 An ACO (Corrales Animal Control Officer) was at siphon beach. Conducting leash patrol. While Corrales Fire Swiftwater crews were conducting a rescue of an older gentleman who had flipped his vessel. ACO heard a woman screaming where is my child on a raft in the river. ACO 31 scanned the river and saw an adult and child river holding onto a bush. She grabbed a rescue throw bag and took off running on the river right bank after the child, she dialed 911 to activate a code raft. The child's mother was running with ACO 31 at this time. The person in the water, who was wearing a life vest, grabbed the child but lost her vest and grabbed onto a bush on river with the child. The child’s mother and ACO 31 entered the river, ACO 31 took the child and handed him to Corrales Fire Dept who was on the bank. She then assisted both adults out of the river and back to the rescue team staging area. Currently there are no reported injuries among Village staff. Both ACO units are trained to the awareness and operation level of Swiftwater rescue. Certainly! Safety is crucial when enjoying recreational activities near the Rio Grande River. Here are some important guidelines to follow: 1.Wear a Life Jacket: If you plan to go in the river, always wear a certified life jacket. Avoid using pool-type flotation devices. Life jackets are essential for your safety, especially during water activities. 2.Avoid Alcohol: Refrain from drinking alcohol while on the river. Alcohol impairs judgment and coordination, increasing the risk of accidents. 3.Secure Your Belongings: Put your phone in a waterproof case to protect it from water damage. Additionally, avoid tying flotation devices together, as this can be hazardous. 4.Learn Proper Kayaking Techniques: High-flow River days are not ideal for learning how to kayak. It’s best to practice kayaking in calmer conditions before tackling faster-moving water. Remember that the Rio Grande poses risks due to its varying water levels and currents. Always prioritize safety and follow local guidelines and regulations. Enjoy your time on the river but do so responsibly! 😊🌊20Like

CORRALES POLICE DEPARTMENT2+ weeks agoAgencyCRIME AND SAFETY UPDATE On Mon. 04/22 a resident reported that she had been billed for a fraudulent charge made against her previous wireless carrier account (which she believed had been closed). Remember to stay vigilant about safeguarding your personal and financial information, both on paper and online. Shortly before 1:00AM on Fri. 04/26 Officers located a vehicle, which had been reported stolen from a residence on Angel RD approximately two hours earlier, on Loma Larga RD near Nicky LN. The vehicle owner declined to press charges, however, the driver was found to be wanted on an outstanding Metro Court bench warrant for failure to appear on original charges of DWI and Fleeing or Eluding an Officer. The 28-year-old Paraje, NM woman was arrested on the warrant and booked into the Sandoval County Detention Center. The driver of a vehicle which was stopped for an equipment violation on the 4300 block of Corrales RD at approximately 1:30AM on Sun. 04/28 was found to be under the influence of alcohol. The 28-year-old Albuquerque woman was subsequently arrested and booked into the Sandoval County Detention Center for DWI. The Corrales Senior Center (4320 Corrales RD) will be hosting Coffee With a Cop on Tuesday May 14th from 10:30AM until 11:30AM. Come join your neighbors for coffee and conversation! No agendas or speeches, just a chance to ask questions, voice concerns and get to know some of the Officers in your community. Thank you, have a safe week and remember: SEE IT, HEAR IT, REPORT IT!22Like

CORRALES FIRE DEPARTMENT2+ weeks agoAgencyPolice activity in the area of Tierra Encantada. There is no current threat to the public, we do ask you to stay away from the area and shelter in your home if you are in the area. Please do not call dispatch to ask about the police activity. It makes it hard for them to handle emergency calls when they get calls about on going activity. We will update when the police have finished with the response. if you did not receive a CodeRed alert, one reason is you are not in the alert area. If you are in the area, make sure you have signed up. If you have not signed up for Codered here is the link. Codered is used throughout Sandoval County as an Alert and Emergency messaging system.

CORRALES POLICE DEPARTMENT2+ weeks agoAgencyCRIME AND SAFETY UPDATE Happy Memorial Day! Please spend some time today honoring those who gave their lives while serving our great nation in the United States Armed Forces. The vehicle which had been reported stolen from Armijo Lane West on 05/19 was recovered in Tennessee on 05/21. Investigators were able to confirm that the subject in possession of the car had permission to take it from the reporting party, who is now being charged with Filing a False Police Report. Shortly after midnight on TUE 05/21 an Officer on patrol discovered that the cluster mailboxes located at Cabezon RD and El Camino Campo had been tampered with and damaged. The United States Postal Service was notified. Remember to remove incoming mail promptly to help prevent theft and take outgoing items directly to the Post Office. At about 8:00AM on FRI 05/24 a citizen on Tierra Encantada reported discovering a small brush fire and hearing a male calling for help in the area. CFD quickly extinguished the fire and CFD and CPD located and removed an apparently disoriented male subject who was stuck in a drain. The 23-year-old Zuni, NM man was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation and treatment. Thank you, have a safe week and remember: SEE IT, HEAR IT, REPORT IT!20Like

CORRALES POLICE DEPARTMENT2+ weeks agoAgencyCRIME AND SAFETY UPDATE Thank you to Doris for hosting Coffee With a Cop at the Senior Center last Tuesday, as well as to everyone who stopped by and spent time with members of the Corrales Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Sandoval County Regional Emergency Communications Center. On Tue. 05/14 residents of Angelo Luigi RD reported that their 110 cc dirt bike had been stolen from under their carport that afternoon. On Thu. 05/16 a citizen advised police that at about 6:00PM a package containing a food delivery was taken from outside of her residence on Angel RD and returned a short time later, but found to be missing a few items. On Fri. 05/17 a resident of the 5300 block of Corrales RD reported that two windows on her house been struck and damaged, possibly by a BB gun. It is illegal to discharge weapons, including BB / pellet guns, in the Village limits: On Sun. 05/19 a police report was filed concerning a car (with the key left in it) being stolen from the 300 block of Armijo Lane West that afternoon. Park inside of your garage whenever possible and remember to remove the key, lock the doors, set the alarm and use additional layers of protection, such as a steering wheel lock, brake pedal lock and / or kill switch. Thank you, have a safe week and remember: SEE IT, HEAR IT, REPORT IT!14Like

CORRALES FIRE DEPARTMENT2+ weeks agoAgencyThe Police activity in the area of Tierra Encantada is completed. Thank you for your patience remember to sign up for CodeRed. You can also change your CodeRed information, update phone numbers, email and ways you get alerted using the link

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Corrales Rd, Corrales | News, Crime, Lost Pets, Free Stuff (2024)
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